Friday, May 1, 2015

Apps Of The Week: The Best Applications For Android, iOS and Windows Phone

In this Friday, May 1st, we celebrate Labor Day, a historic date that, in fact, deserves to be remembered by each of us. We bring to our readers the famous list of the best apps that were released and updated over the past few day.



"Lark, Reyes and Juno are the three new filters Instagram just added to your Android application and iOS in an update released on Monday, 27, which also includes two new tools: Color, which" adds a layer color to their shadows and highlights "and Dim, that" gives to your photos an old movie effect. "As part of the news, Instagram also added the possibility of using the hashtags emojis."

Google Maps

"Google has released the 9.8 version of their application for Google Maps on Android, and is already providing the Play Store. The app update includes changes such as the ability to select multiple photos from one location to upload the platform, and allow users to hide the nearby reserves, flights, or other commitments from one place to keep information away from prying eyes. "


"Initially launched in a beta version for Android devices in mid-April, finally Meerkat application can now be downloaded in its final version to the mobile platform from Google."

Fail Hard

Free to download, Fail Hard quickly became one of the most downloaded games from Google Play with simple gameplay and bring lots of fun. Basically, you're on a motorcycle in the middle of town and need to avoid obstacles, but whenever crashes it gets very, very hilarious. It's almost a show business.

Free - Download on Google Play


Mighty Switch Force! Hose It Down! (App of the Week)

In a very unique style, the game leads to iOS users an interesting puzzle where you need to control a fire in accordance with the difficulties imposed on each level. He calls a lot of attention for the illustrations and the soundtrack.

Free - Download from the App Store


In the United States, Swordigo is the number 1 in adventure games and the game deserves it. Offering a very streamlined gameplay and beautiful graphics, it brings a large number of tasks, which ultimately holding the player with the narrative. Many even dare to consider it the "Zelda iOS."

Free for a limited time on the App Store

The Journey of Stella

"The Stella Trek is a platform adventure game in the fairy-tale style, about a girl who wakes up in a mysterious world after reading the first page of a strange book. The spell turns her into a paper box and now the only way to find your way back home is with the help of the wind. You play as the Wind, which will help Stella to overcome several deadly traps, enemies and puzzles based on the laws of physics in various environments and craft. "

US $ 2.99 - Download in the App Store

Jurassic World™™: O Jogo

"Return to Isla Haze with the creators of the blockbuster Jurassic Park ™ Builder to live your next adventure: Jurassic World ™™:. Game, the official mobile game of the epic action adventure movie and this summer Bring to life over 50 colossal dinosaurs of the new long and challenge your opponents to battle to make the ground shake. Build your theme park of the future in this unique experience of creating and battle dinosaurs. "

Free - Download from the App Store

Windows Phone

Hitman Go

"The interesting game of the Hitman franchise, developed by Square Enix Montreal, Hitman Go reached success in systems iOS and Android, and now he comes to the Windows desktop and Windows Phone platforms."

Monument Valley Road and Crossy

"Windows Phone has just won two new (and amazing) games:. The iconic Monument Valley and the exhilarating Crossy Road The first is one of the most amazing games ever released for Android and iOS, with unique gameplay and graphics to impress any one, whereas the latter, in turn, is one of the funniest games you'll have on your device, with a unique and hilarious mission: crossing a road with a chicken. "

Video Upload to Instagram

"The first and only one application to share the video on Instagram! This application fills the gap with the official Instagram app and lets you send video from your phone. Find a video from your camera roll, your SD card, or any onedrive another application sharing file installed on your phone. Select 15 seconds of video, cut the desired area and share. "

Overkill 3

"Now came the game Overkill 3 be released in the Windows Phone Store, being a title able to connect to Xbox Live to synchronize their achievements and allow you to compare their points with friends through the network."