Wednesday, May 13, 2015

AquaBoard: animation with the effect of water to the home screen iOS [Cydia]

AquaBoard - a new visual supplement designed specifically for iPhone with jailbreak. Addon from Cydia offers a dozen sketches of all kinds of animation with the effect of water to the home screen iOS.

Swipe your finger across the display, the user will create ripples on the surface of the water, reviving her. It looks very realistic, especially with the support of multi-touch, providing rendering multiple simultaneous touches.

Among the developer default schema is both simple elements with drops on the water surface, and colorful options with the effect of the rain. Touch the screen may be seen as falling drops, waves, artist's brush, etc. Selection and use of schemes going on the fly, without rebooting.

In the App Store there are several applications that offer similar fun. But in their case, there is a still image, while AquaBoard interface allows you to implement a system of animated effects. Each swipe across the screen and touch icon will be accompanied by waves.

In addition to the section to select the graphic schemes in the settings AquaBoard there are also buttons to turn the effect on the lock screen, "Rain mode" and the option to change the frame rate per second to render the animation.

Below you can see an overview of AquaBoard for iPhone with jailbreak:

All lovers of software modding iPhone should definitely pay attention to this tweak. It is tested for compatibility with LockGlyph, Forecast, ColorFlow and some other popular addons. Cost AquaBoard (iOS 8) is $ 2.99.