Monday, May 18, 2015

Barack Obama wrote his first tweet from his iPhone

President Barack Obama has started an account in the microblogging service Twitter. His page is at Nick POTUS is an abbreviation of the full title of Obama - President of the United States.

His first tweet president of the United States sent to the iPhone. In the message, he wrote: "Hello, Twitter. It Barak. True! Six years in the position, and I finally gave his own account. "

The first and so far only president retvitnuli tweet more than 60 000 times. Previously, all the news US President published in the official Twitter of the White House.

At the time of his post on account of the American leaders signed a 340,000 people. He himself became followers 65 members.

Account is verified, ie the service administration confirmed that it filed an application on behalf of Barack Obama, but it does not guarantee that it will conduct it himself. In Barack Obama's wife Michelle Twitter account registered in 2013, but it is responsible for the press office. Only occasionally appear in the microblogging posts, written directly to the president's wife.

Interestingly, Obama remains in office is less than two years - at the beginning of 2017 the country will control the next president.