Wednesday, May 27, 2015

HBO GO for iOS is updated with streaming via HDMI and some corrections

HBO recently announced the launch of its streaming app for iOS devices, bringing all the excitement of their series and videos for Apple devices. Now a major update was released by the company, allowing users to have much better options to view all available content.

This is due to the fact in its version 3.0.1 HBO GO won the option to stream the videos that are being implemented through an HDMI connection, which means you can use your TV or any other device with this type of entry to watch content that is playing on your smartphone or tablet from Apple.

It is worth noting that the Cupertino company's devices do not have an HDMI output by default, and to purchase a Lightning-HDMI adapter so that the function can be used. Still, this is a novelty that will likely appeal to many users, since it will prevent you from having to watch the well-crafted scenes of Game of Thrones on a screen of a maximum of 10 inches.

They were also carried out some improvements, such as the correction of audio reproductive problems via Bluetooth and other minor bugs. Thus, it is expected that the application is more fluid and stable than we saw earlier, thus ensuring a better user experience.

Remember that to use the HBO GO service you must have the signature of the TV channel, which may vary according to your provider of paid TV.

To download it, simply visit the App Store and to download it for free, noting that the HBO GO is only compatible with devices that have iOS 7 or higher.