Saturday, May 9, 2015

How to use the Apple Watch as a remote for the iPhone camera

Most modern digital cameras can be controlled via a dedicated remote control, this is nothing new and nothing fancy. It is even easier than using the remote control for the TV, there is only one button for the shutter by pressing it, you control the camera.

However, not many know that the same remote control, there are the owners of Apple Watch. Smart Clock can work as a remote viewfinder for the iPhone camera. With this feature, you can take beautiful pictures, or pictures with friends.

Compared with the automatic shutter use Apple Watch will give more time to prepare for shooting. In addition, this will avoid the iPhone shake when shooting night scenes or close-ups when the smartphone is mounted on a tripod or other grounds.

How to use the Apple Watch for remote shooting photos on iPhone:

Step 1: Click on the wheel Digital Crown, to return to the main screen of the device. Locate the desktop icon "Camera" and run the application.

Step 2: Apple Watch, connect to the iPhone. If your smartphone is not running photo appendices, Apple Watch will do it automatically, even if the gadget is blocked.

Step 3: On the clock screen displays whatever is in front of iPhone. At your disposal will be a full-fledged remote control camera smartphone. It is convenient when shooting portraits or macro, which is undesirable even minor tremors.

Now you can take a picture at once or set a timer.

Step 4: Make pictures are automatically saved to your iPhone library. View pictures can click the button to the left of the screen.