Tuesday, May 5, 2015

iOS 8.4 - Apple might delay the launch!

iOS 8.4 is the next version of the operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and as well know already, two beta versions have been made available to application developers for the iOS platform. From these two beta versions we learned that Apple is preparing to launch a new application Music, Music, for its iDevice , this completely modified with an interface that brings many new features.

The launch of iOS 8.4 was prepared by Apple for June 8, after opening conference WWDC 2015, but it seems that the Cupertino plans change because of recent problems. iOS 8.4 and the new application will bring a new music streaming service is a combination of audio and Beats Music Radio iTunes, but Apple would not be able to obtain the consent of all partners for the launch.

A June launch is still attainable. One source notes Apple has been able to quickly secure licensing deals in the past. “If any company can pull it off, they can,” the source tells Billboard, adding that “labels are more likely to play ball with them” because of Apple’s track record of generating revenue for rights holders. Another major label source believes the Beats Music re-launch isn’t coming soon. “June won’t be the release date. The deals aren’t done.” 

Difficulties in obtaining the necessary licenses to play multimedia content could bedevil Apple plans to launch a variety of partners iOS 8.4 is not satisfied with the licensing conditions. Given this problem, even within Apple sources are not 100% convinced about what will happen in June, some claiming that iOS 8.4 will be released, while others have a different opinion.

The other day it was announced that Apple is investigated by the US Justice Department because of the way they try to force major labels to abandon agreements with Spotify. Specifically, Apple is trying to convince record labels to cancel these licenses Spotify to give users the option to play free music, these actions are anticompetitive and probably will attract sanctions for those of Cupertino.

In the meantime, iOS 8.4 remains as having a high probability for launch in June, but whether this happens or not will be on June 8, when it will start WWDC 2015.