Tuesday, May 26, 2015

iOS 9 and "iPhone 6S": what Apple is planning for the future

Apple does not plan to bring many new features to iOS 9, focusing on security and stability in the system. However, within the news, the company may be working on a new initial application for HomeKit, a new source for system interface, a support service for the public transport to the Maps application and many other settings. However, there are still some other things that are worth being highlighted for the next version of the system and you can check out some of these changes (expected) below:

iPhone 6S with Force Touch

Site 9to5mac sources confirmed that the next generation iPhone will be very similar, aesthetically, with the iPhone 6, but will include technology Force Touch which is already included in Apple Watch and current MacBooks. For the new hardware works perfectly, Apple designed the iOS 9 to be fully compatible and is working to developers also take advantage of the feature in your applications.

Force Touch in the next iPhone will have very interesting features and should be integrated into the Maps application, media players, Calendars and all the the system. The announcement shall be made during the WWDC this year.

One of the sources site Force Touch believes that will be used for very focused features not essential to use the iPhone in general. It should also be extended for the next iPad, possibly eliminating some features that require buttons to work. It is also expected that the response of the new iPhone Force Touch is in real time.

Changes in keyboard

Apple also seems to be working on an updated keyboard for iOS 9. The company certainly has several prototype designs for new keyboards, including one in the portrait mode is slightly longer than the current and includes new editing controls .

She also believes that the QuickType keyboard in iOS 8 is not always affordable enough, then you are working on ways to make this experience more prominent throughout the system. And to the delight of many, the "Shift" key is edited, indicating when the caps lock is activated.

Apple Pay in Canada

According to recently published reports, Apple will finally pay the United States and will also support Canada. The Pass Book  iOS 9 application includes the necessary basis for banks, credit / debit cards and country credit unions.

Although the technical part is already almost complete, still need to wait that Apple complete the negotiations with the Canadian banks. It remains unclear, however, whether the announcement will be made during the WWDC in June. Apple also promises to take the Apple iTunes Music Radio and internationally.


The iMessage will also receive some simple improvements, but important in iOS 9. Apple updated the app with latest structure to support the famous icon "displayed" in group chats, as already happens with individual contacts. This means that users of iOS 9 may enable read receipts in certain contacts, but also in groups. The company was also considering removing the Game Center application, which is not present in some beta versions of iOS 9.