Wednesday, May 6, 2015

iOS 9 beta 1 For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

In 1 September the first iOS beta version of the iOS operating system will be released by Apple early next month, after opening the conference WWDC 2015, the most important event for application developers.

 Apple iOS will present on 8 June with some of its functions, and in that last night will provide application developers and iOS 9 beta 1 testing until the fall.

If Apple will follow the usual process to test the various versions of iOS, the iOS 9 beta 1 will be followed by other beta versions of the operating system until the fall, when your public launch. In the past Apple has released beta versions 6 to 8 of a major upgrade to iOS separate from a version being offered GM, Gold Master, which was essentially versiuena final test offered by developers.

IOS beta launch 1 September 

Since September iOS beta 1 will be released on June 8, we can expect us to be available in beta versions every two weeks, with different variations, providing regular updates Apple. Last year Apple has allowed for a period of time without testing iOS August to impose a UDID registration on behalf of a developer, but nobody knows if this will be true this year.

Apple plans to launch a public testing iOS 9 so that hundreds of thousands or even millions of users on the planet will have the opportunity to test updates iOS 9 before they are publicly available. If the program will be conducted in a manner similar to that available for iOS 8.4, then Apple will choose the only people who will test the new version of the operating system will not allow the registration of new users.

iOS 9 beta 1 updates

In terms of new features, we learned that there will be updates to Siri in iOS in September, but this is only part of the story, because Apple has prepared many more surprises for us. Specifically, the Apple intends to seriously improve safety and performance of the OS, that while implementing new functions extremely important not seem to be a priority.

That said, iOS beta 1 September will give us the first contact with iOS in September and part of what follows it, but you should not only get an idea based on what you see first information provided. As we used so many times, Apple changed a lot of things in beta versions of the operating system, so part of what we see at first could be gone by the end.