Monday, May 11, 2015

iPad Pro to be announced only in 2016, say Asian fonts

Since last year we are following many rumors about a possible iPad Pro, which could be announced by Apple in 2015. Recently, for example, we disclose new images of the supposed device with 12.9-inch screen, which is a strong indication the device actually exists.

We also talked recently the iPad Pro may come with four speakers and surround sound system, which would make the new tablet from Apple one of the market's best in the category sound quality.

Now, however, new reports suggest that we will not see the iPad Pro in 2015, as Apple plans to release it only next year. The information in question came from Korean site ETNews, which states that Apple executives recently met with representatives of companies that will manufacture the machine's display to collect some sample components on the screen.

Among the companies que will manufacture the iPad Pro screen components are LG and Samsung, and the device's display should not have a greater sensitivity to touch, what would it take for Apple the Force Touch device.

Of course, so far there is no official information about it, then we will have to wait until Apple executives be revealed about it, to know what the actual company's plans about a possible iPad Pro.