Monday, May 18, 2015

New Apple TV with Siri App Store and will appear at WWDC

According to reports the BuzzFeed News portal, a major update of Apple TV will be presented next month at WWDC, where the new set-top box of the Cupertino company will receive a series of innovative new software features to take advantage also of the hardware upgrade that will be done.

During the event, Apple will finally present the long-awaited App Store for your TV device, while offering developers a software development kit to help them to create games and other applications that will be delivered to living rooms worldwide.

John Paczkowski says the new Apple TV is not just a move of Apple's share of the TV market via streaming, but also the company to bring the entire concept of the digital world to reality. He says that, along with home automation, TV, music, applications, and many other features will come to reality.

The new Apple TV will also feature an updated user interface and a physical redesign that has not been stipulated by the media or by any leak. Apple A8 must use a chip or some variant thereof to power the device, and at the same time, increase the internal storage 8GB. One of the big news is the inclusion of Siri to support control by voice, allowing users to remotely command the enabled devices HomeKit.

Prices for the new Apple TV have not been revealed. But, following the market logic, it may cost a little more than the current version, which sells for US $ 69. It is also expected a new remote control for the device.