Monday, May 4, 2015

Remastered version of Wings is finally released for Android and iOS

The technology is evolving more and more, until a few years ago only large computers and consoles were capable of running 8-bit games. Currently, most mobile phones available in the market are capable of playing much more powerful games, some geniuses of programming already put up some classic games in calculators.

It is precisely the current advancement of technology that many developers are creating new versions of classic games for PC, consoles and even mobile devices. Now it's time to be remastered Wings, the classic game of Cinemaware receive an update with visual in high definition.

Despite the renewal of the game, players can rest assured, the developer said it will keep all the classic features of the adventure. The Classic fans can enjoy both the phases, the history, the only thing that will really change is the graphic side of the title.

If you've never heard of Wings and is a lover inspired battles in World War I, will surely enjoy the game. In the adventure you can enter in action the glory of being a fighter pilot, your mission is to bomb the enemies. Despite being a title shot and flight simulation, players also need to develop strategies to attack enemies, the lack of it can cause the death of all.

In addition, the soundtrack has also been remastered the studio Sound of Games with real instruments, which makes much better gaming experience. Remember the classic games and have fun in a nostalgic war adventure, Wings HD is available now for US $ 4.99 to Android, iOS and PC.