Friday, May 29, 2015

Siri can fix the problem of malicious messages on iPhone

Apple has announced it is working on a fix for the bug of the messages that "kill" the unit for some time and annoy many users. This, although simple, is a very serious problem and several reports published on social networks claim that the devices need to be rebooted several times until everything back up and running properly.

And how do you not read that message and end up making the bug stop you enough? The answer is simple: use Siri.

The solution found by Apple, although temporary, is to ask Siri "read unread messages". Then you will see the response of the wizard without having to open the application - and thus without infecting the device. Soon after this simple procedure you will be able to open the Messages application again.

Apple also of the hint that if you make the gesture of sliding your finger left on the message, a "delete" button will appear, and then the malicious message may be deleted.

According to the company, the problem is blamed for "a specific set of Unicode characters."

As the bug can be easily spread to the platform users, it is increasingly easier to manipulate the iOS users. Tens of thousands of users ask for an urgent fix for the company, that by the time this article is written, only said he is working on an update that will bring the fix for this problem.