Friday, May 1, 2015

Top 10 Reasons To Have The Jailbreak of Apple Watch

Although Apple Watch was launched less than a week ago, many are already thinking about the jailbreak of the device. Officially, no team is still working to "unlock" the Apple Watch, but there is no doubt that something will move shortly. In the meantime, here are 10 reasons why it might be worth making the jailbreak on Apple Watch.

personalized watches

At least for the moment, Apple does not allow developers to create applications that modify the interface clock, something not possible on other smartwatch as the Pebble. With the jailbreak, however this could be possible.

App native

Apple Watch has not possible to install native apps (yet), because all apps must always interface with the iPhone to work. This also causes the problems of speed, as it is always activates an infrared communication between the two devices. Being able to install native app, perhaps with some sort of Cydia for Apple Watch, users could take advantage of a greater number of apps, just as they did at the beginning with the first iPhone (when there was still the App Store). Think for example Podcast app: now you must have the iPhone connected to it can be used on Apple Watch, while with the jailbreak you could do in order to make it independent.

Standby mode

The settings of the Apple Watch can not change the timeout that puts the device in standby. Many complain of the short duration of this timeout, although Apple has chosen this way to minimize the battery consumption. With the jailbreak users would be able to also configure this option.

custom Themes

Winterboard Apple Watch for a nice, it would not hurt you? In this motion we could change every aspect of the device, including backgrounds, buttons and more.

Tweak to improve the autonomy

Mode Power Reserve is a bit 'extreme, so it would be very convenient to have the tweaks that help you manage the different functions of the Apple Watch, with the possibility to activate and / or deactivate them at will.

Activator of Apple Watch

If you have never used Activator on the iPhone, then you know what his potential. And 'the focus of thousands of tweak, by which we can manage a myriad of automated actions on iOS.

Engine management Taptic

Several users complain that the Taptic Engine is not always perceived by the wrist, as the strength of the vibration motor is not very high. Via software could instead handle even this setting, and increase the sensitivity of the motor.

complications customized

Complications are small objects that can be applied on the interface of the dial, to have a series of quick information such as time of sunset, the moon phases and more. With jailbreak would be possible to customize this aspect, perhaps creating complications dedicated to tweet or to emails unread.

Web Browsing

Appel Watch can not surf the web, partly because the screen is too small. In any case, also have this option in more would not hurt ...

Playback audio from the speaker

The speaker of the Apple Watch only allows you to listen to calls, but not the music. With the jailbreak you could also change this and activate the speaker while listening to music.


And you, what would you like?