Friday, May 8, 2015

YouTube Creator Studios gets new look

It is expected that by the end of the month Google officially announce the new subscription model for YouTube, allowing users to use the service without worrying about being bombarded by propaganda. In preparation for this moment, both the web site as your application, received several updates.

They come to add a troubled week for the service, which had been updated with a search for videos in 360 and some improvements on YouTube Kids. The changes have come to affect even the subscribers of Key Music, the music service linked to the site. The YouTube Creator Studio, an application for content creators to Google Tube also received several updates (version 1.3)

The new version finally brings a new visual change, with an interface that refers to the brand. Otherwise, the screen Analytics won a session for the traffic of video advertisements. Another nice change is that the graphics on the origin of visits, you can see a more accurate percentage of where each arrived.

The changes are not large, but if we take into account all that has appeared, it becomes quite clear that we will have something new logo on.

The new look of the YouTube Creator Studios