Tuesday, June 16, 2015

5 Games to have a good time on the iPad and iPhone [videos]

Welcome Gamers! This time we bring you five games for iPad and quite new and popular iPhone that have recently come to the App Store. Read more after the jump.

Best of all is that the 5 games in this collection are free, although some may have to stop shopping, we are talking about very funny, cheerful and entertaining titles.

Fasten your seatbelts well ... Because we started!

Excellent games to have some fun with the iPad and iPhone

Loop Drive

Loop Drive is a creative game on the iPhone and iPad will control a vehicle while we turn to a circular circuit. The main objective is to get as many laps as possible, but it will be a very difficult task, because as time passes new vehicles will be added to the circuit to have to go dodging a button thanks to acceleration and braking other .


Try Harder

Try Harder is a new set of [adult swim] (we love their apps) in the style of Mr Jump, although in this case it is an endless. Control a cute penguin as jump between platforms, we dodge obstacles and collect all kinds of power-ups that will provide skills like double jump, a ball of spikes or a parachute.


Tail Drift

Tail Drift is a racing game for iPhone and iPad very futuristic. The most innovative of Tail Drift their circuits are formed by a kind of tubes that can go from above or below. It has a lot of levels and different game modes.



We continue with one of the most joyous and enjoyable games, a familiar title that will control a funny alien in his small spacecraft. It is a 3D platform game that invites us to finish each level in a limited time.



To end our small collection of games, we recommend you try Skatelander. A complex and colorful endless which will handle a skateboarder while dodging obstacles and collect coins.

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