Saturday, June 27, 2015

8 applications that are in the App Store fresh news! (27 June 2015)

Daily App Store based on hundreds, if not thousands of new applications. It is hard to find those interesting that you could be useful or something to entertain you. Some developers even have such bad luck that their new application in everyday collapse unnoticed, and thus nor download. However, if you want to be informed about interesting new applications, then watch every day of our website, where you always get the best choice of those who came in that day. Let's fall on those of today.

Polarr Photo Editor
Polar is an advanced, intuitive and versatile photo editor. Manage your images on a high level with powerful and elegant tools that were designed for photo enthusiasts.
Doodle Up! for Messenger
Play with your friends a great guessing game through Facebook Messenger. Quickly draw for the word and let your friends guessing. Of course they your friends can also send your drawings. You have 30 seconds to guess the individual images with each round coming harder and crazier words.

Creative Mind

Creative Mind you the opportunity to creatively collaborate with your friends. Use an application in workshops and lectures. Connect with other users using Multipeer Connectivity together and begin to form.

Secret Calculator
If you need to hide something on your iOS device, you found the right application. The app is disguised as a standard calculator. Secret Calculator lets you hide photos, videos, sound recordings and bookmarks. Also it includes Internet browser for private browsing.
White Noise
Do you have trouble falling asleep? White Noise application developers will guarantee that using White Noise cobydup fall asleep. White Noise contains a series of sounds that help create a perfect and peaceful environment for your sleep.
Fast Call Widget
Sharing Tips and Tutorials for Excel 

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