Tuesday, June 16, 2015

9 super apps for iPhone and iPad, which are now free! (16 June 2015)

Once again we bring you some of the applications that are now entirely free. Our goal is to select the best that you could bring some benefit. And what reason, developers may have to make available an application like this? Above all, they want their applications to rise in the rankings and thus make it available to users who would otherwise not downloaded the application. Of course, the situation may arise where an application is only free for a while and it may therefore happen that after the publication of the article will be again for the money. But this situation occurs more sporadically. Read more after the jump

Drop The Chicken 2

Drop The Chicken 2  is fully animated, addictive game full of different puzzles. Our hero is Chuck Chicken, which must compete in each level to win back his girlfriend.

  • Original price: $ 1.99

Video Downloader Pro

Download videos from various video sites to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Keep your favorite videos with you and you can play them anytime and anywhere. His collection of videos can also be password protected.
  • Original price: $ 3.99


Eureka is incredibly simple and quick checklist with notification center. The great thing about this application is its simplicity, so it can be used for practically anyone. Moreover, may not replace control application you already use, but you can use Eureka as an appendix to this application. Whenever you have a idea / task / event that you need to remember, so take advantage of Eureka and upload your note. Your idea or task will then be transferred to a notification center, where you will be constantly remark on the eyes.
  • Original price: $ 0.99


Browse, search, and store photos or videos that you will like in Instagram. Store video or photos you straight to the camera roll, where you can see them anytime.
  • Original price: $ 1.99

Net Master HD

Net Master HD is the ultimate mobile solution for your analysis and diagnosis of network problems. This application was created specifically for the iPad. All the necessary tools so you'll have a good time together in one application.
  • Original price: $ 6.99

Layapp Pro

Layapp Pro is an application focused on making collages of your photos. Layapp gives you over 190 different kinds of collages. In this application, it is also possible to modify images using different filters and other tools for photo editing.
  • Original price: $ 1.99

Cya Never

Thanks Cya Never can do a quick end to the confused and hard to read a list of contacts. Applications Cya Never will therefore help you organize your contact list to your liking.
  • Original price: $ 0.99

Twin Moons

If you like games where you are looking for hidden objects, so we have something for you. Discover the shocking secrets of the past and save the future in this thrilling game which is aimed at finding hidden objects. Twin Moons offers 51 levels of spooky and mysterious, two possible endings and much more.
  • Original price: $ 4.99 (iPhone)
  • Original price: $ 6.99 (iPad)

Pocket Lists

And we are here today to order a second application that focuses on checklists. Pocket Lists a user-friendly application to manage a list of tasks to which you must not forget. You can create different lists, on which you can share with your friends. Lists can also be locked with a password.
  • Original price: $ 4.99

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