Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Again, iCloud Crashes, Affecting Many Apple Services

As occurred just over a week, the iCloud suffer again with slow or unavailable in their services, affecting other Apple applications, for many users. The reports were posted especially on Twitter, where several people reported services down.

In addition to the problem encountered in the native devices such as Macs and iPhones, the iCloud.com web interface also displays an error message warning that the service is not available, blocking users from accessing the preference pane. Messages for Twitter users began to appear around 06:24 PM.

The App Store also seems to have found some problems with installing and updating applications, which is probably related to this downtime. Downloads from the iTunes Store and iBooks also seem to have been affected, although all the shops still carry well.

Not all iCloud services seem to fall completely, however. For example, Notes and Contacts applications also sync across devices. The email iCloud can not receive messages but is able to send. Download podcasts, although technically part of iTunes, are working apparently well. Some reports of difficulties in using the Find My Friends are also appearing, but others conducted tests and it seems that not all users have found fault with him.

Some developers also reported flaws in CloudKit Dashboard, that has stopped responding.

We do not know if Apple has already taken steps to resolve the issue. In March, iCloud users also reported problems in the delivery of e-mails.