Friday, June 26, 2015

Announcing the first ad blocker for iOS 9 [Video]

As you know, the new version of the browser Safari, integrated into iOS 9 began to support extensions to block unwanted content - banners, images, links, pop-ups and other stuff. And although the final release of the new platform will be held in the autumn of developer named Chris Aleodi has already demonstrated the possibility of the browser.

Author of the popular extensions uBlock showed mobile ad blocker called Purify. Development blocks spying, all advertisements, animated images and other unwanted content. At the time of release in the appendix as a list of exceptions for those who want to support their favorite online resources.

In order to lock the content, Safari plug-in provides file format JSON, which contains filtering rules. The browser converts the JSON-file byte code and applies it to all loaded sites. Back plugin does not transmit any information. That is, the developer can not know what sites the user opens.

If Apple has not spoken against the expansion of this kind, Purify can be downloaded in the App Store this fall.

 The announcement comes a week after it became aware of the decision to include support for Apple extensions to block content in Safari on iOS 9.

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