Thursday, June 4, 2015

Anyone Can Steal Your WhatsApp Account With This Simple Method [video]

If you lose your phone, your WhatsApp account may be stolen quite easily by many lock codes that you have made your device. Read more after the jump

 The process is very simple and consists of the following: Once a person has our mobile coverage and access internet via mobile data, for example, asks Siri for "My contact", ie, the owner telephone information and the virtual assistant is shown. Once the person concerned has the number of victims, the problems begin.

Now simply download WhatsApp in the phone you want to run the stolen account and enter the number of the victim. At that time you will be sent to the lost mobile SMS containing the code necessary for activation if it appears on the screen, which is usual (in the video is not the case) or not requested to call the number, reply to the call and enter the code.

Access WhatsApp account is easier than we thought

And so easy it is to get an account of WhatsApp. Clearly, in the time when the owner of the recovered line can continue to receive the message and left without access to the other person, but in all that time inevitably you have access to the account.

 To avoid this, remember to take off Siri from the lock screen and keep enabled Find My iPhone for that, as you lose your phone, you can erase all data from the device and lock it. Also, ask your operator that you create a new SIM card and deactivate the old.