Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Apple Developed The Headphones' For Two "

Have you ever be on the plane with your boyfriend, and you were only some earphones? Or on the bus - with someone who is dead smartphone or player? At the same time you had only one iPhone for two. For such cases, Apple has developed a "smart" headphones, which change audio playback options, depending on how many people use them.

According to the description of the development, if the headphones Apple «understand» what they not put one person but two, each of the users can listen to their own music. Alternatively, both audio channels can apply the same record (combining the two stereo channels into one).

To determine the number of users plan to use different sensors. One option is to measure the tension of "fork" (an element of the cable in which one wire is disconnected from the player to the two wires to the headphones) - resistive or capacitive sensor. In another embodiment, in the offer to build fiber optic cable, the curvature of which is measured with a goniometer.

The patent application, entitled "Headphones orientation sensor cable" dated November 2012. The document was published Patent Office and Trademark 2nd June.

It is worth noting that this is not the first patent on the Apple headphones. Previously, the company has applied for a number of developments, including the described technology radically solves the problem of confusing cables. It involves the use of alternating alternating soft and hard segments of a cord.