Monday, June 1, 2015

Apple Explains Why Watch OS 1.0.1 Does Not Record Rate Every 10 Minutes

The first update to Watch OS version 1.0.1 also brought a "bug" in the heart rate monitor, but Apple has offered to explain to users because the clock no longer logs data every 10 minutes, as traditionally made since its launch.

This has caused some dissatisfaction among users and at the same time, some fear, as many believe that the alleged problem may end up interfering with the proper functioning of the clock. As mentioned in the article about the update, many users noted that, while not making records every 10 minutes, the heart rate monitor can read and record the beats as used during any physical activity.

To clarify the minds of users, in short, Apple says that the Watch OS 1.0.1 starts to not record your beats if you are moving or your arm is moving.

Apple has given no detailed explanation of the reason that led her to make this decision. Since the new version was released, the big idea is that the company has done it to save battery. But we do not know, however, at least in official way, what is the real reason that motivated the company to make changes to this feature.

As we have already quoted, the measure of "pause" the reader heartbeat was taken only while the watch is used during the day. While exercising, the clock continues to make records naturally every 5-10 seconds as it had been in the initial version of its software.