Thursday, June 4, 2015

Apple Maintains Its Maps To The Web And Compete Against Google Maps

According to the announcement of the hiring, seen by the user Benedict Evans, Apple is developing a web application's own map service accessible to all. According to the listing, the company is looking for a full-time programmer with experience in JavaScript «to ensure flawless operation in the Network Map." Read more after the jump.

Also, the applicant for the position must be skilled in working with HTML and CSS, and "have a proven track record of excellent customer development of Web applications."

Currently, access to the service Apple Maps users can obtain Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, as well as the owners of smart watches Apple Watch. It is assumed that the Web application from Apple will support all standard browsers. In addition, Apple Maps as a Web service will be comparable with the Microsoft Bing Maps, Nokia HERE, and other services available via the web interface.

Developing Web applications for Apple Maps - quite a reasonable step, especially when you consider that a significant number of fans iOS use machines running Windows on a par with their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Some time ago kupertinovtsy refused to use Google Maps in Annex Find iPhone, switching to its own mapping service. According to US media reports, Apple is already several months collecting data card, using the mysterious cars, traveling about throughout the United States.