Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Apple Music Beats 1 Radio Connect and are already among us. All you need to know.

As is well known by all the news we have been publishing platform iOS 8.4 and music streaming Apple Apple Music already eachother. But next to it also services "Connecticut" and "Beats 1 Radio" were presented and all you need to know both what we have below.

Apple Music

Let's start with the main thing. Apple Music is a service that allows on-deman under subscription, create our own row of songs, albums, playlists, and music videos. Apple has announced that its service is presenting on his debut over 30 million songs leaving on a par with competitors like Spotify. People who do not have a defined list or do not have something specific in mind can review new releases or trends or use "For You" which is nothing more than recommendations based on algorithms that are generated by experts and collaborators of Apple as Pitchfork and DJ Mag. When you start the service subscribers are asked about favorite artists and genres in an interface very similar to the bubbles AppleWatch.

The content of the service is normally accessed through iTunes or the iOS app Music and effectively maintained in the same place imported from local archives and library of Apple Music songs, though clearly still a clear divide can be seen between the two tabs .

Apple Music costs $ 9.99 per month for a single subscriber, but also has a family plan of $ 14.99 where they can join a group of horn 6, although all subscriptions come with a free trial period of three months . The platforms supported by this service are: any device with iOS 8.4, the clock Apple Mac and Windows PC. There are some who say that transcended the service will be available sometime in the fall for the "Apple TV" and "Android TV" this being a turning point in the company since it first presented an application for the competition.


One of the most important features of Apple Music is "Connect," which allows artists to share with his listeners news, songs, pictures, videos with fans signed among other things. although anyone can follow an artist Connect, Apple only subscribers are able to reproduce and save multimedia content. Unlike the failed service that Apple introduced the "Ping" past, Connect does not allow users to create their own profiles, but however, if the publication can comment and share content with other social networks.

Apple Beats 1 Radio and Music

Best, Free to all iOS users, Beats 1 is the radio station 24/7 Live Apple Music and is organized primarily by DJs in New York, London and Los Angeles. Among the most prominent we are to: Ebro Darden, Julie Adenuga, and Zane Lowe. This service is identical to the commonly known broadcasting music and conducting interviews with the artists. Apple also plans to integrate programs recognized in the world of musical artists like Drake, Disclosure, San Vicente, Josh Homme, Pharrell Williams, and Elton John.

Today was issued the first edition of Beats 1 and the first song that sounded on the Apple service can hear by clicking here.

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