Friday, June 5, 2015

Apple Watch: How To Link It With The iPhone

Do you just bought a new Apple Watch? Can not set it up? From this article we show how to pair it with your iPhone easily through a series of steps. Read more after the jump.

The new SmartWatch Apple already has a wide range of applications that allow us to synchronize all content with the iPhone to provide a better user experience. Therefore, it is essential to match or link both devices.

Configuration and pairing Apple Watch and iPhone

Before starting, it is important to note that to complete the pairing between the iPhone and Apple Watch our smartphone need to have installed iOS 8.2 (or higher) and is one of the latest models (iPhone 5 and up).

1. Open the Watch app on your Apple iPhone.

2. Click on "Start Pairing".

3. Next you will have to focus the Apple Watch with iPhone camera from inside the yellow box.

4. Once you have paired, you must configure it as a new Apple Watch.

5. In the next step you need to select between left or right to the device to recognize whether you are right or left handed.

6. Accept the terms of iTunes.

7. Log in with your Apple ID when prompted.

8. Click on Ok after reading the information in "Location Services".

9. Click on Ok after reading the information in "Siri".

10. Click on OK after reading the information on "Diagnostics".

11. Choose a security code for your Apple Watch. You can also enter a very long if you wish. You will need to use from the SmartWatch, not the iPhone.

12. Choose whether you want to or not unlock your Apple Watch from the iPhone.

13. Select whether you want to automatically install all applications available. If you choose "no", you can download them manually later.

14. Let your Apple Watch synchronize finish. Once the process is completed and everything will be ready and matched.

Did you see how easy it is to pair the iPhone with Apple Watch? If you have not yet clarified your doubts, we recommend reproduce and display the following video tutorial to make it all even more clear:

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