Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Apple Watch: How to Send Messages From the Watch

Although already takes several weeks on the market we continue knowing new details about its functions and features. Today we tell you how you can create and send a new message directly from the Watch. Read more after the jump.

As Apple recently announced the second phase of deployment of the Watch will take place on 26 June. Therefore, you do not get to know more features and operation of Apple Watch for when you're put on your wrist you know use it without problems.

 Apple Watch has many possibilities and some of its features are the most interesting, such as the fact that it can be used to control the music on your computer. Another Watch strengths is that it allows viewing messages, but also answer them or even create a new message and send.

How to create and send a new message from Apple Watch

Reply to a message you received from the Apple Watch is a task as simple, but what happens when you want to send a new message? Do not worry because it is also something very simple and you can get messages using the integrated application of the Watch.

The first thing you have to do to create and send a new message from Apple Watch is open the Messages application will find smart home screen clock. Next, you must firmly hold the finger on the screen until a button Watch appears to create a new message.

Clicking on the button "New Message" will appear in a new window Watch where you will have to click on the "Add contact". By default the contacts you've used recently appear, but if you click on the button at the lower left corner of the screen you can choose from all your address book.

Finally, all that remains is to write the message. For this, the Apple Watch lets you choose a predefined phrase, dictate the message or add an animated smiley.Ready! All that remains is to click on the Send button.

Apple Watch introduced OS 2 in the WWDC 2015

During the opening keynote of WWDC 2015 Apple announced  the second version of the operating system for Apple Watch. And I must say that brings exciting new features that significantly improve the user experience with the clock, especially by the arrival of native applications.

Meanwhile, Apple also announced that the second version of the operating system watch faces includes new, more customization options for a new night mode with an alarm function. And thanks to this version the user can answer emails and make calls directly from the Watch.

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