Monday, June 22, 2015

Apple Watch is attracting more devs than the 1st iPhones says Tim Cook

It does not help create a great operating system, but did not offer wide variety of applications to users. For this, Apple struggled admirably to attract developers to its first smart watch, creating free lectures and a vast collection of initial information of what it takes to start creating applications that support small device with stamped apple. The result could not be better for the giant of Cupertino, showing greater interest in wearable gadget compared to the iPhone and iPad in similar periods of existence.

Developers are working on more than 3,500 applications for the gadget [Apple Watch]. This is far above the 500 applications for the 2008 edition of the iPhone and 1000 present the first iPad in 2010 - says Tim Cook in an interview ceded to Businessweek Bloomberg column. Note the huge divergence between platforms, resulting in an incredibly higher popularity presented by the primary pulse electronic company co-founded by Steve Jobs and Wozniak. And the scenery got better after the Worldwide Developers Congress (WWDC) this year.

The event aimed at professionals who want to or have worked with operating systems from Apple, conducted earlier this month of June, Watch was one of the main topics in the most important presentation of the conference, where the Watch OS showed up to ease the dependence experienced between wearable and the smartphone and tablet from Apple. With the specific development kit for the tiny virtual environment, stakeholders will have greater freedom when it comes to creating your applications, boosting further the popularity of the software coming from the iOS.

Tim Cook also added that the golden color on iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and Apple Watch itself aimed to appeal to customers in China, where the similar to the tone found in gold paint is considered preferred. Returning to the subject wearable, yet on Monday, we reported the possibility of growth by up to 173% of wearable gadgets market, driven mainly by the new creation of Apple and the Hololens, Microsoft. In any case, the coming years will be crucial for smart accessories as we know it today.

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