Monday, June 8, 2015

Apple Watch OS 2 : New Face and improved!

At WWDC 2015, Apple introduced OS 2 watch , the second version of Apple's operating system Watch that, only a few weeks after the launch of the product. Let's find out together!

OS 2.0 Watch introduces new Apple Watch Face Watch. Among these we have one that is made with photos or photo albums on Apple Watch and the watch face "Time Lapse" showing pictures of timelapse that reproduce the exact time of day in certain cities.

The second new feature of OS 2.0 Watch  concerns "Complications", ie the ability to view new information retrieved from the third app in the watch face of Apple Watch.

"Time Travel" is a new feature that allows turning the crown digital display of the events preceding and following that will be updated in real time on Apple Watch.

in OS 2.0 also comes the "bedside" that allows us to display the clock on the watch always active when Apple Watch is in charge and, in fact, on the bedside table or not on our wrist. By setting an alarm in this mode, you can also use the crown to delay digital alarm clock and the power button to turn it off.

OS 2.0 Watch also comes with the ability to use FaceTime on Apple Audio Watch and the ability to respond to mail, just like with messages.

The third app now help us achieve our goals and workouts can also be started with Siri. The voice assistant

Also coming improvements for Apple Pay and maps in the app will also receive the information on public transport.

iOS 9  lets you use the microphone to record audio in the app and play audio and video using the speaker of the Apple Watch, until now limited to calls and notification sounds.

Digital touch improves the ability to use multiple screens and friends with the ability to draw using more colors before sending the message to a friend.

Apple also released an update of Watch SDK now allows developers to build native applications for the clock that will not require, as a result, the connection via Bluetooth to the iPhone to work. In short, native apps for Apple Watch!

OS 2 Watch will be available as a beta for developers only starting today. At year end, the update will be available for all watches and will be free.

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