Saturday, June 13, 2015

Apple Watch: What to do if something goes wrong

Apple Watch began arriving in the early users last April 24 and June 26 will be available in a number of new countries. These days we are back teaching you some things so that when it is available in your country you know use it from the start, for example, how you can send messages from scratch with the clock. Today we will show you what you can do if something goes wrong in the Apple Watch. Read more after the jump.

Apple devices offer outstanding performance and Watch would expect, but are not perfect and sometimes can not go all fluid should or something is not working properly. Without going any further, today we will show you how the Watch restarts.

I must say that everything depends on the problem you have the Apple Watch, but often a simple reboot or reset solves most of small problems related to software. We do not entertain more and let us show you how to reset the Watch in a few simple steps.

If something goes wrong in your Apple Watch try restarting

Although WatchOS is an operating system iOS there are some solutions that can be very useful in solving certain problems which are arranged like an iPhone. If you see your Apple Watch runs out of battery faster than normal, that its performance is not what it should or get stuck, restart can be the solution to all your problems.

Apple Watch Manual restart 

First we explain how to manually restart the Apple Watch. To do this you must press and hold the power button on the side right next to the digital crown.

You will see that on the screen Watch the option is to turn off the device. Click to confirm that you want to turn it off and then returns to hold the side button until the startup screen with the Apple logo.

Force reboot the Apple Watch

If for some reason you can not restart the device manually, for example when it is caught, you can force Apple Watch restart easily. Press and hold simultaneously pressed the button and the digital crown for approximately 10 seconds until the screen goes blank and the apple logo appears.

Thus, it is possible that those little software problems are resolved and Apple Watch your back to work perfectly. This is not the perfect solution but can fix those bugs. In case after restarting the problems you will continue to make an appointment at the Genius Bar for a technician to analyze the Apple Watch in search of the best persisting mistake.

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