Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Apple WWDC 2015 Will Offer Through Apple TV

A week before the WWDC event from June 8 in San Francisco, the Cupertino have an Apple TV channel in connection with the broadcast of the event. You can follow the keynote of WWDC directly from your Apple TV device, if desired.

The Cupertino have not updated their website, but can also assume that follow the event from the official website and tell you everything in GreenPios0n .

iOS 9,OS X 10.11, Apple Music and the new Apple TV in the keynote ?

There are many things that Apple will have to present in his keynote on Monday next week, if at the end all the rumors that have emerged over recent weeks are true. Let's take a look at all that we could see in the keynote, failing that Cupertino give us some surprises and unexpected present.

iOS 9 and OS X 10.11

Surely iOS in September will present in the keynote and accompanied by the new OS X version 10.11. Both operating systems present some new features, but the main focus of the company on the block is present two more stable and considerable performance improvement operating systems.

Streaming music service

Another rumor that more force has taken in recent weeks is the streaming music service, which has been dubbed Apple Music, but its final name may be another. The apple company wants to change the way of selling music that has done so well so far and focus on providing a monthly subscription of 10$, perhaps with a free trial period. The greater involvement of Apple is competing with similar services very successful, as Spotify, which already have 86% of market share.

A new Apple TV

Almost three years since the last device and it is time that the Cupertino introduced a new version of its Apple TV. The rumors say that the apple company would have planned to present a new version of Apple TV, with some improvements, such as A8 processor or increase the internal storage space above 8GB, are there in the last model launched to the market. Even it mentioned that it would be possible that the new Apple TV could include its own app store.

Download the application of the WWDC iPhone and iPad.

If you want to follow the keynote from your iPhone or iPad, you can also choose to download the official implementation of the WWDC 2015 from the App Store, it is free.