Saturday, June 13, 2015

Application for iOS that are now free!

Once again we bring you some of the applications that are now entirely free. Our goal is to select the best that you could bring some benefit. And what reason, developers may have to make available an application like this? Above all, they want their applications to rise in the rankings and thus make it available to users who would otherwise not downloaded the application. Of course, the situation may arise where an application is only free for a while and it may therefore happen that after the publication of the article will be again for the money. But this situation occurs more sporadically.


Notifyr is an excellent application that allows you to receive notifications from your iPhone to your Mac. App uses Bluetooth, so it uses minimal power.

  • Original price: $ 4.99

Saver 2

This application is focused on monitoring your expenses. Saver 2 becomes your personal financial adviser who will help you take reasonable steps to manage your budget. Application Saver 2 will, among other things easily show you where your money is really going and how it can be spent wisely.
  • Original price: $ 4.99

PDF ReŠ°der – PDF, Djvu, Office, Excel reader

Application which will certainly facilitate the work with any document. You can play back all common formats, such as. PDF, DOC, DJVU, XLS, PPT, TXT, photos and videos.
  • Original price: $ 1.99

Route Map – Walking, Running and Cycling GPS Tracker with Offline Maps

Route Map will help you track your walking, running or cycling using offline maps. The application is a useful aid to capture, analyze, and share your sports data.
  • Original price: $ 1.99

Warhammer Quest

This game is based on the classic board game. Attention, Warhammer Quest is quite addictive blend RPG (role-playing game) and strategies. In the game you can meet orcs, trolls, goblins and other wild enemies!
  • Original price: $ 4.99

gTasks Pro

If you have not found the piece-application that would suit you, then perhaps you'll love just this. You can sync your tasks with Google Task across all iOS devices.
  • Original price: $ 4.99


Alayer is a great application for editing your images. With the help of this application you can give your photos a whole new dimension!
  • Original price: $ 0.99


With the application Pics2Mov anyone can create cool videos quite simply and quickly. The video can also add music as background music. Pics2Mov offers a clear, simple user interface and offers a variety of options to customize your video.
  • Original price: $ 1.99

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