Monday, June 29, 2015

BigBoss new tweaks and the best: FREE!

After the surprise recently the launch of iOS 8.3 jailbreak, and the latest updates of JB, have come new tweaks.

Although the output of new tweaks this week have not been many. The good news is that they are FREE.

Then I leave the list of new tweaks and a brief explanation:

  • WhatsApp Disable Call Vibration: vibration off calls WhatsApp.
  • House Arrest Fix: allows containers enter applications via USB
  • IconSash: modifies new / update of applications that were recently downloaded or updated labels.
  • InterAccess: bar shows whether there is a Wi-Fi available.
  • Kepo: set as default the keypad of the phone application.
  • LandscapeProximity: Uses the proximity sensor in landscape mode.
  • MultipleReturnToSender: send quick responses by pressing the return key several times.
  • No Caller ID Blocker: block calls from unknown numbers.
  • NoNewMark 8: blue point off the newly installed applications.
All these iOS tweaks find in BigBoss repo.

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