Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Can you use the iPad as Home Computer?

We return to resume, once again, the possibility of using the iPad as if it were the host, now that we know iOS 9 shall include a number of features and functions that will bring the Apple tablet, to something similar to what could be a portable today. We suppose a lot depends on what each user searches or understood as a tool for work or play, but we will give our point of view about the possibility that the iPad be your main personal computer.

Use the iPad as a personal computer

First of all and for the comparison more accurate or is level, we will need a Bluetooth keyboard or a cover with integrated iPad tablet to match the conditions in front of a laptop keyboard. It is true that many users have seen the iPad has brought them closer to the technology because of its ease of use, perhaps because they have always felt intimidated by computers or laptop, even when found face to face to a Mac , which has a more friendly than other brands interface.

We appreciate that the iPad has perhaps made many users who did not use computer, now are using the tablet to perform tasks that perhaps others had been doing with your PC for years, and surf the web, check email or social networks, among other things.

Can the iPad replace a PC? perhaps because depending on what each user makes him yes. Like I said before, there will be users who do not perform tasks too complicated, such as Internet browsing or social networking and an iPad is more than enough. And users need the power of a laptop or desktop computer, to perform daily tasks or work correctly, so the iPad is not enough.

iOS 9 will bring the iPad to your PC

Everything depends on the use to which it will give the iPad, but the truth is that the new features that Apple announced in WWDC keynote cross over from 2015 for new IOS 9 iPad closer to what could be a personal computer . The new application management, now more intuitive, added keyboard shortcuts using the Bluetooth keyboard to switch between applications or even split screen, which will give you the ability to use two applications at the same time, even managed as are displayed to your taste and unique moment of the iPad Air 2 is very similar to what we could make with a laptop.

Some time ago there was talk of the possibility that the iPad will displace laptops, even in many jobs and work has been replaced laptops for iPad, including Apple itself has tried to make the iPad is the working tool of many schools , with relative success. But perhaps much depends on what each user searches or need. Personally I could not stop using my desktop to work, but it's true that sometimes decide to use the iPad to conduct some business, without turning on the computer, because I can do it perfectly with the iPad. In short, in my case it is a complement to the personal computer, rather than a tool replacement.

It all depends on what everyone wants or preferred, but both systems can co-exist together for as long as necessary, because the iPad may not have yet reached the point of being able to replace a personal computer. But we do not know what will happen in the future, everything depends on us.

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