Sunday, June 28, 2015

Enable Low Power Mode iOS 9 option now on iOS 8. Here's how

One of the new iOS 9 brings you is the Low Power mode option through which you can get another hour of autonomy, according to Apple. This disables certain functions normally slows device performance to give you a lifetime of something bigger battery when it is running and you do not have access to a power source.

Well if you have not done updating to iOS 9 beta, given that currently is only available to application developers, and you can still bring iOS 8 Low Power Mode option that will give you the same functionality as implemented by Apple iOS 9.

Power Saver Mode is the name's tweak you need to activate Low Power Mode option on any iPhone, iPad or iPod with iOS 8. That, as alternative on iOS 9 Reviver will disable background, will darken the screen will turn off location services, cellular data connection when the device is connected to a Wi-Fi and turn on Shake reduction.

The idea behind tweak is to disable all those functions that consumes battery, especially when you do not need them, but not affect your use of the device.

Tweak the Power Saver Mode can be installed from Cydia repo now in the, free of charge. After installation, it can be activated in Settings section> General> Battery use. Once activated, the battery indicator in the status bar will be yellow, as happens on iOS in September, so you'll know quickly if tweak is enabled or not. Tweak it will be disabled automatically when you connect your iDevice to a power source.

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