Saturday, June 13, 2015

Feedback, sound effects playback controls

Listening to music from the iPhone is one of the most common uses of any user on the smartphone. In fact, the Music application has been with us since the beginning, even in the first iPod. Read more after the jump.

The native Music app has received a lot of updates and iterations adding all sorts of improvements over recent years. But you can always include other functions to make it even better.

That is why this time we present a Cydia tweak called Feedback. The main function of Feedback is to add sound effects to media controls music playback.

So does the tweak Feedback

Feedback control only works when playing music remotely, that is, as we do from the Control Center or from the iPhone lock screen. For example, it does not work or makes sounds from the Music app when we try clicking the play button or the button next song.

The panel configuration settings or preferences Feedback is quite simple. There is a button to enable or disable the tweak, a section of options and a button to go to the developer and request more information about the tweak.

When we turn to the options section in your settings, we can see a few buttons by which you can activate or disable certain features and exclude some applications that do not wish to work.

Feedback with Airplay

With this option we can activate the sounds from the Bluetooth signal.

With this feature, as its name suggests (Feedback with headphones only) you can activate the tweak to add sound effects only when the headset is connected to iPhone.

The Cydia tweak Feedback is available at the source or BigBoss repository for $ 0.99. If you have jailbreak installed and want to get a better user experience when you are listening to music we recommend you try it. 

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