Monday, June 29, 2015

Formal review of Apple's iOS 9

"Every day, you will notice more and more improvements in iOS 9. To use applications more often. And to work with new features in the iPad multitasking more efficient. The more you use the iOS 9, the more you wonder how you lived without it before. "C these words begins the story of his new mobile platform by Apple.

Applications that you are capable of more

Powerful built-in applications on the iPhone and iPad are ideal for everything that you need every day: e-mail, messages, internet, maps, create notes, and much more. iOS 9 introduces key improvements in some of them, but an entirely new application will be for you this news.


On the main screen with iOS 9 devices will be a new application - News. It selects materials from leading news sources on the topics that interest you. You no longer have to open multiple applications to keep abreast of developments. In addition, News combines striking design print and interactive digital media - stunningly decorated article look exactly as planned publisher.


Notes has always been an excellent application to record ideas. And now it is perfect for many others. Looking for an easy way to create a to-do list? Consider that have already found. Add the following note: photos, maps, or link. And even made a sketch of a finger. Thanks to iCloud any of your edits will appear on all your devices and online - current notes will be always at hand.


Now the application "Maps" helps to use public transport. In some cities around the world a new mode of "Transport" shows the routes and stops directly on the map. And pave the way it is displayed on the display up to pitch. And with a "Next" you will easily find the nearest restaurants, shops and much more.


You can use the CarPlay in the car, just connect your iPhone wirelessly. Or listen to audio messages straight on the road. Use the controls on the dashboard, you can scroll through lists or control card. And support for the application from the automakers, will enable you to use the functions of the car directly from CarPlay.

Your productivity will be doubled with the iPad

Your iPad is great for business and pleasure. To create interesting designs and compelling presentations. For a funny slide show and video chats with those who are dear to you. And for many other tasks. Because now you can do two things at the same time on the big screen iPad.

Slide Over

Now you can open a second application without leaving first. View the site to respond to a message or make a note and then move the application to the side and return to the one used.

Split View

In the Split View on the iPad Air 2 can simultaneously use two applications. Work on drawing by opening a number of the original photo. Or make a document copying excerpts from books in iBooks. When all the necessary vision, focus much easier.

Picture in Picture

While talking on FaceTime or watching video, press "Home" to reduce the window and move it to the corner of the screen. Tap to open the second application, and freely use it - the video will continue to play. You can simultaneously watch your favorite show and answer just came a letter.


Give the text of the desired shape using the new keyboard shortcuts panel, convenient editing tools and a new way to select text gestures Multi-Touch. Or connect to the iPad wireless keyboard to use even more combinations.

The initiative assistant

Now Siri even wider range of interests, and the answers even more. It is better to understand what you're saying, and produces faster results. iOS 9 become smarter and in other aspects, for example, to get an answer, you do not even have to ask the question.

Impressive work

The basic improvement of the system, increase the response speed, simplify upgrades, extend battery life and make the system safer. Therefore, your device works even better - how would you use them either.

More longer without recharging.

Job applications and key technologies has been optimized within the operating system so as to reduce power consumption and extend battery life for all that you need. Due to light, and proximity sensors iPhone knows when you put it face down and not allow him to join even if you receive a notification. A New Low Power mode, you can extend the battery life even more.

Upgrades have become more convenient and more compact.

iOS 9 more efficiently transfers the update to your device without having to download and unpack them. And that means you need less space. And when the time comes to upgrade, new ways to allow notifications to update your device while you sleep or just do not use it.

Security grows.

Safety devices and access to the Apple ID - an important condition for the protection of personal information that you store or open on the devices Apple, including photos, documents, messages, emails and other data. iOS 9 improves the reliability of strengthening passwords to protect your devices and complicating access to your Apple ID account to the general public. These new security features are very simple to use. But they greatly complicate unauthorized access to your personal information.

Response accelerated. Work too.

Advantages of Metal allow applications to iOS 9 effectively use the CPU and GPU to fast, smooth animation and overall better performance. Mail messages, websites and PDF open faster. A multitasking on the iPad run smoothly and seamlessly.

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