Friday, June 12, 2015

Hackers are already working on iOS 9 jailbreak

Apple is currently the only one who works on iOS 9 Hackers from China, while not working directly on improving flaws in the system, but rather to use them for a system to break the system and provide users jailbreak. They would like to launch into the world, together with the launch of iOS 9 this fall to allow users the option to immediately jailbreak iOS 9.

The team is made up of a dozen programmers who are adept at  iOS coding, as in the past played a part in the jailbreak scene, and most of them broke the system of the iPhone in the competition Pwn2Own in 2013 and 2014, where he even earned a $ 70,000 reward . But Chinese hackers jailbreak want for the money, breaking rather take it as a challenge.

The team have teamed up with other Czech hackers Pangu. You already we know well, because first brought to jailbreak iOS 8, which was quite successful, but after the upgrade Apple has been cut off and currently it is not possible iOS 8.3 jailbreak out.

Keen team, now trying every way to jailbreak iOS, but it seems it's not as easy as the previous systems. As already mentioned, hackers jailbreak want to present, together with the launch of iOS 9, but it is not certain whether they do so. However, they have all summer, which can break the system of sacrifice.

According to their words worth breaking iOS five attacks that take a lot of time, but eventually it can discover a mistake. Of course, the team is working on an untethered jailbreak, ie that which works even after restarting the phone and disconnected from the computer.

Even before the WWDC reports surfaced that Apple's iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan worked for the post that says "rootless." Now this should mean the end of the jailbreak. Apple, however, a function to inform about safety, even at WWDC mentioned, nor any information about the documents can not be traced novelty. Conversely, on the other hand, it was found that the XCode 7 to iOS devices can install any application, even if you're a developer and you have paid the Apple Developer Program. It was not possible in the past and may therefore happen that just catches of hackers and utilize innovation in the jailbreak process.

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