Friday, June 26, 2015

Hackers from TaiG hinted at the possibility of jailbreaking iOS 9

Leading developer hacker group TaiG Xi Li expressed confidence in being able to perform the jailbreak iOS 9. The announcement of this appeared in his microblog site Weibo.

Apple has always opposed the jailbreak, after getting root access gives users the ability to set not only legitimate software from the App Store, but also, for example, pirated apps from unknown sources. However, there are developers who are not satisfied with this state of affairs. In comments to one of the messages in the Chinese equivalent of Twitter hacker TaiG wrote:

"Ahead of iOS 9! I can not wait to release the fourth jailbreak. "

Earlier, Chinese hackers have declared that they accept the challenge Apple, which announced a mobile platform iOS 9. According to Lee, the choice of "Nine" as a major goal for the justified because "it is a major update of the operating system." True developers may be difficult because of the new security system Rootless, which "is designed to break the jailbreak community."

TaiG is not looking towards Apple Watch. "We have no plans to jailbreak Apple Watch. Apple Watch - is a new product. We do not know how important products. Moreover, we do not believe is possible and whether there is any sense in the jailbreak Apple Watch. Time will tell, "- say the developers.

Release iOS 9 jailbreak can be expected no earlier than the final released version of the operating system. Until that time, it makes no sense to release the exploit - Apple closes vulnerabilities in the next beta version of the OS. Earlier this week TaiG released jailbreak tool for iOS 8.3.

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