Thursday, June 18, 2015

HOTUnicode 8: Here are the probable new emoji iOS 9

Because the way we communicate has shifted, thanks to the widespread use of smartphones, more and more in terms of messaging, the introduction of emoji within our messages was a very ingenious way to add a little 'heat and color to a means otherwise sterile. If in your messages appear more emoji characters that, you'll be pleased to know that undertaken through Unicode upgrade.

The update integrates Unicode 8 7716 new characters, including new symbols with letters supporting African languages, the syllables tiny Cherokee language and more.

As regards the emoji, they were introduced other 37 to which are added 5 modifiers (for example, the variants that we have seen for the skin color in the present package IOS). Among the 37 are included both as symbols taco, burrito, hot dogs, popcorn, bottle uncorked, turkey and unicorn, but also other inspired by the world of sport.

So these are the new emoji that could be implemented in future versions of iOS and OS X. The Unicode standard, remember, provides the only description for emoji which can then be processed independently by the individual companies, those of iOS and OSX may then (in case were confirmed) differ from those presented in pictures.

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