Sunday, June 14, 2015

How thieves use Siri to steal your Whatsapp account [video]

A user has discovered that a virtual assistant feature Siri can be used by thieves, or anyone else who has access to your iPhone, to steal your WhatsApp account . We tell you all the details and show you how it is done in video.

Steal your WhatsApp account via Siri on iPhone

In reality we are not talking about a mistake in itself Siri, iOS or WhatsApp same and it is unlikely that a thief is interested in accessing the chats you keep in your account WhatsApp. But nevertheless it is a simple procedure that anyone with access to another user's iPhone.

The first thing you need is WhatsApp activate the account on a different device and it just need the phone number of your victim or target user. Therefore, and using Siri, when you have in your possession the victim iPhone simply by asking the attendant for "my phone number" you will get the personal number of the iPhone user.

Besides Siri is enabled by default on all iPhone unlock screen, so you never need to access the smartphone if it is protected with Touch ID or a code of any kind. Of course, all this is possible if the user has entered his phone number in the "My information" within the Siri settings, otherwise you may not know your phone number section.

After obtaining the victim's phone asking Siri, just another smartphone which to activate the phone in the WhatsApp application is needed. You will receive a verification code that you must take to complete the activation process in a different iPhone WhatsApp.

If you want to see a sample of how the process is done, you can see the video below which explains visually everything we've discussed above.

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