Saturday, June 6, 2015

How To Watch The Live Broadcast WWDC 2015 On Windows

Apple wants to enjoy a live broadcast of their events traditionally only those who have iOS devices, Apple TV or Mac computer. Read more after the jump.

 If you run an event on a Windows PC, will appear instead of video and event only message that Windows is not possible to monitor the Event. However, there is a way to do just follow Apple Keynote on Windows and not too complicated.

Suffice it to use VLC player and then to insert a reference to the stream, thus making it possible to monitor the stream as well on a Windows PC. Important note before we look at the actual instruction. The player will work, or play a stream will not work until the moment when Apple begins to stream broadcast, until the message appears: Unable to open the MRL file!

  • Download VLC Player for free right here.

  • Install VLC Player

  • Open VLC and click on Media> Open Network Stream

  • Open the tab Network and Network Protocol

  • Network Protocol to paste the following URL:

  • Reference to be added in the coming days!