Friday, June 5, 2015

HTC Introduced The One M9 Exclusive 24-Carat Gold With The Help Of Photos Taken By iPhone 6

HTC has presented a limited edition version of its flagship smartphone One M9, coated with 24 carat gold. It is noteworthy that the photos placed in the official Twitter account of the company, taken by iPhone 6 camera . Read more after the jump.

The One M9 limited edition was held in honor of the finals, which will meet on 6 June Spanish "Barcelona" and the Italian "Juventus". In case the device is engraved with gold logo UEFA Champions League, and the date and venue of the final match.

Updated One M9 fully retained the characteristics of the original model. HTC will release only two such smartphone, electronic gadgets, along with tickets to the final game and your reservation will be donated to the winner of the contest, which is held among the residents of the UK.

Twitter users have found that the photos collectible modifications in HTC One M9 did on iPhone 6. In a blog posted images the camera is visible in the reflection of the smartphone. The company made a mistake, hastened to replace the image, however, compromising photos already disseminated by the Internet.

By the way, the price of gold One M9 is not specified.