Tuesday, June 9, 2015

iCloud Drive has an app in iOS 9 but is hidden by default

No one can argue about the elegant design of Apple devices or the excellent organization of the elements and the intuitiveness and user-friendly interface IOS. But it is true that some things can be improved level of service delivery. A clear example of this is the lack of applications with respect to iCloud, the storage platform in the cloud of Apple.

We speak more specifically iCloud Drive. A system for storing and managing files or documents in the cloud. Since its introduction a year ago, iCloud Drive did not have an application to allow iOS users more easily manage their documents from another location other than the third-party apps. This is something IOS 9 will change ...

Discover the secret application iCloud Drive in iOS 9

In fact, rather than being a "secret" application, it would be more correct to name it as an app "hidden" for the convenience of users of IOS 9 because the system offers us the possibility to show or not depending on the tastes and / or needs of each.

ICloud Drive application is hidden by default in IOS 9 but can show if you go into Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive through an option called "Show on the home screen." Once done, the app icon will appear in the Springboard iPhone or iPad.

Clicking on the application, for the moment, it does not show any data (as comprobaréis images included), which is quite logical considering that we are talking about the first beta version of IOS 9 and even more so the case an application hidden in the system.

However, we are confident that Apple is working to offer its users the maximum number of features so that they have the opportunity to administer and manage your documents in the cloud via iCloud Drive.

we think that an application for iCloud Drive was strictly necessary, especially for users who are not very familiar with the iPhone and iPad, in fact, should already have been integrated into the mobile operating system since its introduction in June 2014, but as the saying goes, it's never too late if that is good.

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