Monday, June 8, 2015

iOS 9 beta for iPhone: all the news in one article!

We are trying our iOS 9 beta on iPhone and in this article we collect all the main innovations of the new Apple operating system released in the day today for developers only.

Here are all the new features in iOS 9 beta 1:

  • New native background, the one shown below and the only added in iOS 9 for now.
  • New font "San Francisco", the same as Apple Watch.
  • The Passbook app called Wallet and now has a new icon.
  • iCloud Drive now has an app of its own, which is activated at the user's choice.
  • The battery saving mode is available from Settings> Battery.
  • Proactive may be called as Spotlight on iOS 8.7 or scrolling left in the Home.
  • The alerts have more rounded edges than iOS 8.
  • The weight of the update, the iPhone 6, is just over 2 GB.
  • Multitasking new "tabbed".
  • Ability to search for a particular menu in Settings.
  • Keyboard showing the upper case or lower case depending on which is written in uppercase or lowercase.
  • The favorite contacts and recent, introduced in iOS 8 Multitasking , have been removed.

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