Friday, June 12, 2015

iOS 9 brings a new way to select multiple photos at once, borrowed from Android (Video)

Apple seems increasingly hear more of what users want from the operating system running on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and iOS 9 the company added a new way to select multiple photos and Pictures that we must recognize, is borrowed from Android least where there for a while. Read more after the jump.

In any case, that there will iOS and now this method of selection of photographs is a very good thing because it was difficult to select multiple pictures in the current versions of iOS. The method involves selecting a picture of the finger without lifting the on-screen, you simply stroll on screen while other photos are automatically selected.

For those who own an iPhone since the beginning we should know that this gesture was still available in early versions of iOS, but Apple chose to abandon this method we do not know why. Well, it is important that in iOS 9 users will again be able to select multiple photos at once with a simple gesture.

How to select multiple photos at once in Photos app on iOS 9

1. Open the Photos;

2. Select an album;

3. Press the Select button in the top right;

4. Press and hold a photo and drag your finger across the screen to select multiple photos. You can for example select multiple rows of pictures by this simple gesture, very fast and efficient way.

The fact that Apple introduced this screening method can not only make us happy and definitely will come for the benefit of many users who have saved very many photographs and pictures app will delete them quickly.

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