Thursday, June 18, 2015

IOS 9: New and improved features in GIF

We really wanted to try iOS 9 in our iPhone or iPad, to see if it's real this greater stability and performance improvements that Apple has promised for the ninth version of the operating system and above all to test the new features that come with this new version. Read more after the jump.

iOS 9 comes to be one of the best versions of mobile operating system that Apple has released with some pretty interesting improvements, such as multitasking, improvements to the virtual assistant Siri or new gestures on the touch screen to make a selection of several photos, for example, among many other things.

Although iOS 9 would be a focused almost exclusively on improving the performance and stability of the system version, Apple has made some improvements that make it very interesting and we offer some of them in this collection of GIF images, so you see operation quickly and easily.

Enhancements mobile operating system iOS 9 in GIF

Below we offer a collection of GIF images where you can see some of the improvements and new features that the Cupertino have been introduced in iOS 9.

The new App Switcher comes to enhance multitasking and managing open applications we have in our device. All more efficiently and visual way to as we know it in the current iOS version 8.

"Shift key behavior" comes to improve the management of upper and lower case letters showing that we have selected in the virtual keyboard, to avoid confusion it created so far.

Now with iOS 9 We can also search within the application settings to find what they seek quickly and without having to be navigating through menus to find it. This function to time that we asked many users of iOS and it seems that this ninth version will be able to finally use it.

The battery management section within the "Settings" application of the device has received a facelift, and shows more detailed information on using each application that gives battery in real time.

Spotlight also has improved in iOS 9 and also adds integration with Siri. Apple's virtual assistant has also received several improvements with this ninth edition, he is now able to better understand our instructions.

Another improvement will come with iOS 9 is the ability to select multiple images more effectively by simply dragging your finger on several of the images. In the GIF you can see better what this new functionality.

There are all improvements that will come implemented in IOS 9 version is currently only available to developers, but its first beta version will be released next July. We look to tell all the news.

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