Tuesday, June 9, 2015

iOS 9 tells us about the future iPhone 6s ?

Although no new iPhone model is announced in the keynote, as happened in past WWDC in previous years, yes we can see some clues about the iPhone 6s thanks to the new IOS 9. IOS 9 arrive in September and thanks to its dozen new features give us a rough outline of what could be the next iPhone 6s, such as increased battery life, two speakers and the ability to multitask.

Let aspects of iOS 9 which make us boast various features of iPhone 6s, since the launch date until some of its features. Join us.

iPhone 6s could come in autumn

iOS 9 Beta is now available for download starting today, only to developers time in July will get the rest of users access to the beta if they wish, while taking into account various aspects of IOS 9 before installing it on your iPhone or iPad.

But the official release date of iOS 9 is in October, coinciding perfectly with the usual date of Apple to introduce a new device. Perhaps it matches the iPhone 6s launch alongside iOS 9 enhancing the smartphone with some new features, such as two speakers to take advantage of Apple Music.

Longer battery

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are behind in terms of battery life of other smartphones like Samsung, LG and HTC and Apple knows it needs to solve this "problem".

Knowing that iOS 9 will be a more efficient operating system with the battery life, including a saving-power mode that can provide up to three hours of battery and Apple iOS 9 be investigating the development of improved batteries, perhaps the iPhone 6s could be the smartphone apple with longer battery life so far. Although an increase in battery size above 3.000mAh not go amiss.

Two speakers on iPhone 6s

Apple Music has already been announced, the streaming music service from Apple, however Apple smartphone still have one speaker, who would get all the performance to music, having to wear headphones to fully enjoy the service Apple Music .

IPhone 6s could also be the first smartphone from Apple that include two speakers, matching other Android smartphone models, which already include this feature. It would be nice to enjoy Apple Music in stereo without the need to use headphones for it.

Multitasking in iPhone 6s

Multitasking on the iPad with iOS 9 range something that time Apple had waited and finally looks set to offer users. I must say, existed multitasking iOS 4, although no actual or form suitable for productivity, but iPhone 6s Plus model with a 5.5-inch screen and more RAM, could handle multitasking without issue.

The possibility of using multitasking with two applications open at the same time as we will be able to perform in the iPad Air 2, is less likely to be in the iPhone 6s, but hope is never lost.

There are many rumors that have seen of the two new models, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which come to update the current range and while propitiate Apple could continue working in its next-generation iPhone 7.

(Source: techradar)

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