Tuesday, June 23, 2015

IPhone 7 would lose Touch ID and Home Button

In early June we show a concept of iPhone 7 in which the designer had decided to dispense with the physical button that has accompanied the smartphone from the first generation to be integrated directly on the screen thanks to the Force Touch technology. However, recent reports in the network indicate that Apple is working to remove the Home button on the iPhone in July and integrate the Touch ID sensor as a kind of virtual button.

On the other hand, is not the first time there is talk of the possibility of the iPhone in July will become a totally new smartphone, so that Apple will remove the home button is not nothing crazy idea. Still, they are still rumors and doubts surely we will not become official until Apple iPhone 7 in the corresponding Keynote.

Besides eliminating unsightly stripes on the back of the iPhone 6, smartphone future generations could still be larger without increasing the dimensions of the screen. This is due to the elimination of classical Home button to embed a virtual start button on the screen should be, along with a number of touch sensors Touch ID identification on the right side.

The Home button on the iPhone could disappear

Not only as a solution would remove this button from the bottom front of the iPhone, Apple already have developed the necessary technology to carry out this change, according to a report released Monday. In his task to get a device as thin as possible, Apple has developed an integrated touch screen and a controller (TDDI) based on a single chip manufacture ourselves.

According to industry sources design of integrated circuits in Taiwan, Apple would integrate fingerprint sensors on the screen itself, so that the Home button no longer needed as before. This technology could be used on the iPhone in July, so it would not have to wait long to enjoy it, even before the iPhone 6s probably see.

No doubt that this design would fit perfectly integrated into future designs smartphone like the iPhone 7, which would have an ultra thin screen and be thinner than current models. With such a design could usher in a new way to interact with the iPhone.

IPhone 7 also will feature technology Force Touch

With a design that is as flat as a whole could eventually replace the Home button that has characterized both smartphones Apple since its first generation, but over time has evolved. Without going any further, since the iPhone 5s design was changed and the fingerprint sensor integrated Touch ID. With his elimination, Apple would replace by a virtual control over the screen, a system that today already use some Android smartphones.

From 9to5Mac comment that Apple already has Force Watch Touch sensors integrated into the screen, but do not have fingerprint sensor. Apple is now working on that precisely in the way to integrate the Touch ID on the screen to dispense with the Home button on the iPhone in July.

On the other hand, it is believed that future iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which is expected to see the light next September, will have Force Touch screen technology. Thus, Apple would get increased possibilities and functions of the iPhone because it would be able to detect the pressure of the user.

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