Tuesday, June 16, 2015

LastPass recommends that you change the Master Password

LastPass is warning its customers to change their master passwords after suspicious activity on your network in the last week. The company claims that have not been accessed for user passwords, but it is advisable to change passwords to avoid greater evils. Read more after the jump.

What is LastPass?

Perhaps you've come this far and not know what LastPass, but do not worry, we'll have it in two simple paragraphs. LastPass is a service that offers store all passwords that you use in all the required services in one place. That is, it is like a trunk where to safely store all your passwords for different services such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Outlook, etc.

In short it is similar to what it offers browsers like Firefox, Chrome or other service, which keep all the passwords you use to avoid having to enter them whenever you need, but LastPass is much safer. The service is free for use in computers, downloading an application from the official website also offers a premium service to use LastPass on your smartphone or tablet, but also has reduced and free service, and a special premium offering designed for safety the companies.

Suspicious activity in LastPass, the password changes

But as today and perhaps more often than we would like, LastPass has detected suspicious activity on your network and therefore recommends to all registered in their service to change the master password that users use.

Last week the company detected suspicious activity on your network, being able to block it quickly. The company has pronounced that have failed to steal user data that has not agreed to any registered accounts or committed any information revealed. The attack or attempted theft of information produced in various user data such as email accounts, passwords and other aspects, but fortunately not successful.

Nevertheless recommend that you change your password if you use your service, as the company is taking very seriously the safety of all registered accounts, as you can read in the blog of LastPass.

"However, we are taking additional steps to ensure that data remains secure and users will be notified by email. We are asking all users to log in from a new IP address of your device or check their email account, unless authentication is enabled on several factors. As an additional precaution, we will also ask users to change your master password. "It said the company's blog.

LastPass is also forcing users with weak or vulnerable passwords, to change it for a safer or more difficult to obtain. On the other hand also it recommends the use of multi-factor authentication, thus adding another layer of security to your account.

You can download LastPass for iPhone and iPad from the App Store on the button below we offer below.


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