Friday, June 12, 2015

Making calls from Apple Watch

It's like living in the future, right? Phone calls (if it still can be called that) from the wrist. Apple Watch is such a complete device that offers the possibility to make calls, and also through different methods. Read more after the jump.

While using the Apple voice assistant, Siri, can be the most simple and practical method, some users choose to sync with iPhone SmartWatch and other applications.

A few days ago we indicate how to send messages from Apple Watch, today, we explain how to make calls. All the options are quite simple and easy to use, since GreenPois0n we show you how.

Making a call using Siri in Apple Watch

1. Use the "Hey Siri" function or hold the digital crown to activate Siri Apple Watch.

2. Tell Siri who want to call, for example, "Call Sara".

3. Click the contact number you want to call in case there is more than one option.

Making a call with Friends app on Apple Watch

1. Press the side button to open the Apple Watch Friends application.

2. Turn the digital crown to select the person you want to call.

3. Press the call button.

Making a call with the app in the Apple Phone Watch

1. Open the Phone application from the home screen Apple Watch.

2. Select Favorites, Recent and Contacts.

3. Click on the name of the contact you want to call.

I hope this information has served useful .

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